• Amanda Dockum


I like to pride myself on adapting to change well. I’m all about finding new and more efficient ways to do things. I am also one of those types that I must rearrange my living room furniture once every few months or I go nuts. I believe this is another reason that real estate has been a good fit for me because it is constantly changing. Apparently, I walked into the industry during a tech revolution (or so the bigwigs over at Tom Ferry are calling it). I get it...things have drastically changed since I started 6 years ago, and I like change so YAY. However, I look around at some of the agents who have been doing this 20 or 30 years and they aren’t so excited about it. So here we go! YES – technology has wormed its way into real estate. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, unless you aren’t great with things that end with .com. The fearmongers out there will tell you that the traditional real estate agent will be obsolete in 5 years – no that I DO NOT agree with. 👉THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDPA’S REAL ESTATE MARKET ANYMORE👉 Apparently now I must impress people with my Google business page, social media, and online reviews. I need to shoot videos, have a podcast, a YouTube channel, 20 different online profiles, post pictures on all these sites of everything I do. Hell, if I want to go the extra mile I need to figure out how to not look like an ass while dancing and post those on TikTok for the world to see. This is what it takes to remain relevant going forward. WTF! Last week a Google business page Guru told me that I should post at least 5-10 pictures a day. A DAY! What the hell am I supposed to take that many pictures of!? I’m feeling particularly old right now. So, for me this has forced a few things to happen. I suck at delegating, but at the same time I know I need help. I must suck it up and let go of a few things and stop being a control freak. Also being self-conscious of how I sound and/or look. I guess it’s just vanity. It’s hard! I didn’t grow up in a generation where everything was recorded (thank God). That is one hump I am slowly crawling over. My podcast is more of a creative outlet for me rather than a way to further myself as an agent. Then I found a chick in Iowa who thinks like I do (and cusses as much) and it was perfect. Do I care if I get famous – no. But I was afraid to post the first episode. I knew it was terrible and I had never put myself out there like. But once I jumped off that cliff and did it, not recording with her is one of the most fun things about my week! Lesson learned? JUMP OFF THE CLIFF Knocking on doors (not that I ever actually did that) isn’t enough anymore. I feel bad for the older agents who are being told they’re on their way to being irrelevant because that isn’t true. Old school agents are often hard core. Have you ever tried to out-negotiate one of them? It’s brutal. We need to

bring the old school agents along with us in this revolution because they have soooo much knowledge to share and there’s a ton to learn from them. It’s me – take me with you young ones.... I promise I am still useful. Don’t leave me behind

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